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This will be my first official blog post and the first thing that came to mind was the typical “Hello, I am new here!” Spiel that someone normally posts their first time on a site.  However, this isn’t some social network this is a blog, my blog.  A place where I can put my thoughts and maybe just maybe someone will find them interesting and keep reading.  So yes, I am a Newbie but it’s not in the please take mercy on me way.  It’s more the I hope you find me interesting enough to keep reading and possibly comment.  Now to the introductory phase.

I am like most people my age still plagued by that stupid question asked of all young people. What do you want to be when you grow up?  Now I know you are probably thinking, at 25 you are a grown up but seriously its a question that never stops being asked even if its couched differently.  I guess a more age appropriate question would be where do you see yourself in 5 maybe 10 years?  You know when you grow up.  At this point in my life the answer to that is a very Peter Pan, Never Neverland, exactly where I am now. A kid living their dream of becoming a writer.  Do I want to be successful at it, be able to live off of my work?  Yes, as does anyone but for now its okay with me just being able to devote my time to something I love doing and to be able to share it with the world.  Even if the world is just the coding of my unread blog. I feel everyone should be so lucky.


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