Do You Body Hair?

Body Hair! We’ve all got it, but what is your personal preference? (On a fictional character, I mean.)

DISCLAIMER: I’m all for gender equality but this post is all about MEN! Sorry landscape ladies this is nothing personal.

I want to know which you would prefer and why? What situations make certain types of hair okay that would be unappealing in others? This doesn’t have to be about your fave romantic protagonist but any character.

To Make things a little easier I’ve broken it down to four categories of Hairy:


photo courtesy of skinprologica.com



photo courtesy of thestudiobymdm.com



Mr. Mucho

photo courtesy of nybeautywellness.com



and last but certainly not least

Mr. Beast

photo courtesy of comelookatmychesthair.com


Now that you have seen them all, leave a comment to let me know what you think!

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1 thought on “Do You Body Hair?

  1. Hm, I guess fictionally speaking I’d likely prefer Mr Smooth or Sparse but personally have dated men in each category. I wonder why the disconnect, I supposed like many people my views are tainted by society slightly as so what I expect in media etc.

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