Be a Perpetual Tourist!!!

Why do you ask? Being a “tourist” means you can get away with doing things that wouldn’t normally be acceptable.  See a fountain you would love to climb all over? A funny statue or cool mural you want in pictures? I say go for it!  Forget what other people think of you and have fun but don’t do anything illegal. As a writer, having this kind of attitude has helped me gain a plethora of experiences to draw on for scene setting and character development. Here are a few shots of times I’ve played “tourist.”

Be a Perpetual Tourist!!!
Farmer’s Market Monkey
Gas Station Art
Gas Station Art
Skelephant Statue
A part of the Moment
Tired from sightseeing
Tired from sightseeing
Frame yourself
Yummy, ice cream!!
Try navigating your city using a map instead of your phone.
Winter 2010-springbreak 023
Had to stop anyway, why not have some fun?
This picture was taken when Planking was a thing.

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