word count, word Count, Word Count! It’s WORDS that COUNT.


As a new writer/author, it’s super easy to get caught up in word count.

Word Count = Page Count= Price=Sales=Readers

Or something like that. If I plan on writing a Novel, the standard is 50,000 words (approximately 200 pages), so that becomes my goal. Sure I plan on writing my story my way, but that 50K is always looming in the background. It becomes a question of adding that extra description here or maybe even a whole extra chapter going into detail about something that in the grand scheme of my plot is not necessary. I don’t want to write anything that encourages the reader to skim, but at the same time I really want to reach that 50K goal. It’s a compulsion, the light at the end of the tunnel. I know I can do it but is it really worth it? What if this particular story is better left as a novella or short story?

The best advice I’ve received has been to focus on the story and not on the word count as it will change constantly as I write, edit and re-write. I’ve tried to take this to heart, but it’s been slow going as I struggle through writers block, outside distractions, and trivial self-imposed deadlines. How I measure my progress? Word count and plot progression. At present, I’m just shy of 30K words and a little over half way in my plot development so that 50K isn’t far off. I just have to remember that word count is not important; it’s the actual words that count. It’s not a big deal if my work is longer or shorter than that 50K, all that matters is telling a good story.

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1 thought on “word count, word Count, Word Count! It’s WORDS that COUNT.

  1. Yes, the actual words you choose are what matters. Also, once that first draft is done, there is always revising, which for me, adds to the word count because I’m adding in scenes.

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