Snack Attack!


When I get in one of my writing moods nothing can tear me away from my laptop.  Which is why having a fully stocked snack section on my desk is a must, otherwise I’d probably starve to death on my longer writing binges (usual two to three days long).  Sleeping is generally optional and even bathroom breaks are few and far between when that masterful idea is flying from my brain to my fingers and onto the screen.  So what are the best snacks to have on hand? There isn’t really an answer to that question.  Everyone has their preference but here are a few criteria I use when stocking my stash:

  1. Grab and Go/ Typing Friendly – Can be eaten with one hand or less
  2. Mess Free/ Keyboard Friendly – Not super greasy, saucy or crumbly
  3. Packs a Punch/ Stamina Friendly – sugar and caffeine are your friend
  4. Mom Approved/ Body Friendly– Try to include at least one “healthy” snack
  5. Drinks are up to you. Water is always a good idea. I am a tea drinker but I know plenty of writers are team coffee all the way.

 I switch out one or two of my staple snacks each month. I have a few favorite snacks I like to keep on hand, like chocolate and dried cranberries, but its always a good idea to rotate snacks just so that you don’t get bored with them.  It defeats the purpose when you are in a writing binge and you are tired of the snacks you have on hand, most likely you won’t bother eating them. 

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