Preptober Day 27

Writing Software/Apps


When it comes to my writing software, I am pretty basic. I’ve tried lots of different things, but I think I’ve found a reliable system for my writing process.

What software/apps work for me?

Microsoft Word, Scrivener, and Grammarly

I use Microsoft Word for brain dumps of my scenes. Once I’ve gotten to a stopping point I run the brain dump through Grammarly to catch any significant errors before transferring them to Scrivener. Scrivener is where I do all of my outlining and plot construction. I know there is probably a better way of doing things so I’m not jumping from program to program with my work, but this is what works best for me. Also seeing my writing in three different processes helps me get fresh eyes on things so I can make better self-edits along the way.

What I’ve tried but didn’t work?

Microsoft Word Mobile, Microsoft One Note, Evernote

What I have come to realize is that I am not a mobile note app kind of person. OneNote and EverNote just didn’t cut it for me even for jotting down quick ideas while on the go. I much prefer pen and paper for that, and I usually have my planner or notebook handy in my purse when need be. It’s also a lot harder for me to brain dump on my phone or tablet, something about the keyboard throws me off and I end up with lots of stray letters that render any work almost unsalvagable. Not to mention that dealing with cloud storage of my documents didn’t work so well if I forgot to save my computer draft to the cloud so I could access it on mobile or vice versa.


It looked really cool, but honestly, for me, it was just a fancier and slightly more complicated organization tool that I already had in Scrivener. I also got fed up with remembering when it would autosave and when I had to manually save information before switching tabs. I found myself reentering a lot of data because of that confusion. I’m sure if I had stuck with it; I may have figured it out. It could have been a great resource and probably is for other people. Just not me.

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