NaNoWriMo Days 13 & 14

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I’m sure you noticed I skipped posting yesterday. It’s not because I didn’t write. I did, just not very much. My minions just weren’t having another full day with my attention more on my screen than them so I took a day off from furiously writing. I figured I deserved it after hitting my 40k goal a whole week before I’d planned.

Now on to today’s adventures. It was a busy day for me personally so there wasn’t much time during the day for me to sit and write. It turned out to be okay because I usually get all my brilliant ideas in the evening anyway. I also got to save my writing mojo for the local Shut Up and Write! event, my weekly writing getaway. A bunch of people furiously writing together is exactly the atmosphere I need to punch out some awesome numbers. I ended the day with just about 2,500 new words added to my NaNoNovel.

Total WordCount by End of Day



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