Representation Matters

Representation Matters: A Poem by Stella Williams

I am a Black Author.

I write diverse characters in my books.

I am a Black Wife

I write Black love.

I write Interracial Love.

I write ROMANCE.

I write Paranormal Romance.

I am a Black Mother

I want my readers to finish my books with a wistful sigh,

a deep need to explore the worlds I create.

I write for the escapism.

Away from the side eyes, the suspicions, the threats.

I write for the drama and the joy.

I write to push boundaries.

Glass ceilings, border walls, and Gatekeepers Beware.

I write to bring awareness.

I write for people who look like me and for those who don’t.

I am a Black Veteran

I write to protect my peace.

I write to protect my sanity.

I write to fight racism and in spite of racism.

I am a Proud Black Woman

These are my ideas, my words, my stories, my voice.

Not to be stolen, adapted, ignored or pushed aside

Writing is my life.


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