Stereo Goals

Whoever said, “writing is the easy part”… Well, I’ve said it a few times myself, but lately, I feel like it’s actually the hardest. So in order to keep my brain from shorting out with writer’s worry, I’ve decided to brush off a few projects I had sidelined in my quest to maintain my writing goals. Keeping up with my blog is one of them but also creating an audiobook for my already completed work. I will be documenting my DIY audio book journey in subsequent posts, thus checking both boxes on my “To Do” list.

There are a lot of things that go into creating an audio book that a novice like me hadn’t thought about. The cost of a producer and voice actor can be insane. Still, recording one with my laptop’s microphone and some random free software just wouldn’t be a very good product. Without any clue how to edit it properly my work wouldn’t be accepted on any major audio book site like or

So what exactly is needed to create a professional DIY audio book? Well, there is plenty of really good information readily available through google and audiophile blogs. Since I am an admitted Amazon junky; Audible’s Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) blog is where I got all my information. They did it so well I highly suggest browsing here.

The short version.

You will need:

1.) A quiet place to record
2.) A decent microphone
3.) Audio editing software like Pro Tools
4.) A reliable computer
5.) Lots of time and patience

Hometown Shout Out

While my brain is still on an inspiration hiatus I figured I’d spruce up my page with a little hometown shout out and shameless promotion of a local artist.  I may not live in Oakland anymore but I still say HELLA!!!!!!

Crown Music Group: “I Say Hella” – Official Music Video off the upcoming Album ( Lifestyle Of A King ) Available September 23rd. RCK. Available on ITunes and Google Play

Remembering Maya Angelou

Feng Shui or Forget About It???

Ever had that one chapter that was crucial to your plot line but you just couldn’t find the perfect place to put it?  That’s my latest dilemma as a novice writer.  There are about four different places I could put it but they all are somehow off.  Putting it at the beginning makes other chapters seem less powerful.  Sticking it in the middle disrupts the emotional flow. Putting it closer to the end is too far into the story for it to work the way I need it too.  I could just scrap the whole thing ore re-write it, probably the safer and smarter idea, but I like it how it is. I’m tabling it for now but once I’ve gotten the rest of my first draft completed I will definitely come back to it.


Bad Sex Award

Bad Sex Award

I usually don’t like to judge other’s writing so harshly but some of these scene’s really missed the mark.  There’s artistic license and then there is a complete lack of –well– just giving a f**k.  I’m sure this is what people mean by really trimming the fat in writing.  For most of the scenes, if they weren’t a necessary part of the plot, I would have hacked them quick.

Inspiration Struck Hard- Writing Dangerously

So I went on a free writing binge for over two days, typing almost non-stop from 9am till almost midnight.  This is a good thing, except it highlighted an issue I never would have thought about if it hadn’t happened to me.   Morning, day three I woke up and the fingers I use on my track pad were starting to form tiny blood blisters.  

When I bought my laptop I liked that the track pad wasn’t as slippery as my previous one, and now I see that maybe that was a good feature to keep. Typing with those fingers was agony and not using them led to many errors.  I guess I better start looking for a kick ass mouse and while I’m healing switch to old school pen and paper.

Slippery Track Pads – Just another thing to consider for those writers looking for the perfect laptop.

Poem: In Memorium

One Less Angel

Hair of Fire

Eyes of Water

Friend of God

Yet purpose unknown

Silently sleeping unaware of the world

Her once rosy cheeks, placid and pale

Missed symptoms of a silent killer

Secrets of a troubled mind

No more pain will she feel

No more smiles will she share

No more laughter will she hear

One less angel on earth

Tragedy for all

A young yet full life gone

A prayer for all who cared

Memories will never fade

On Writing Strong Female Characters

Sometimes what makes us as women “strong” is what some may view as weakness XD

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