Maura’s Men Trilogy

After escaping the clutches of the evil Vampiress Maura, three friends struggle with the past in finding a new way of life and love…

Xander’s nightmare past has left him with some serious control issues. Without the burning hatred that kept him going when he was under Maura’s thumb, he had nothing else to live for. Maura had destroyed everything he had once been. Jaded and closed off to the world around him, Xander is completely unprepared for the arrival of Cat.

Claude is nobody’s hero, yet he finds himself saving another damsel in distress. He should have learned his lesson the first time. The charming and intelligent Gretchen threatens everything Claude has come to accept about himself.

Shane needs help. His addiction is getting out of control. His friends are on the verge of putting him to ground. Then there is Molly, the love of his life. He’s spent years wallowing in guilt over her death only to find out she was brought back by Maura of all people. Shane is forced to make a choice. Will Shane continue to let his past destroy his future or find a new approach to winning Molly’s heart?

  • Xander’s Claim
  • Claude’s Conquest
  • Shane’s Redemption
  • BONUS SHORT Origins: Maura’s Revenge

Secret of Ceres Series

The Sanctuary of Ceres is the best-kept secret in the non-human world.

Farrah Andromeda is a headstrong Aura PI in the human world.

Donovan Mars is a straight-laced Security Force Officer of Ceres.

They both want to solve the case of a missing Aura teen, but their methods put them at odds. 

When clashes of the mind turn to sparks in the bedroom, will they be able to put aside their differences before the world as they know it goes up in flames?

The Great Sanctuary of Ceres is at a crossroads.

The Barrier is failing, Vampires are hunting innocent Aura, and the Ruling Council is in shambles. It is now up to the High Magistrate, Disrayan Centaurus, to diffuse the tension that threatens to implode everything the Aura ever stood for. However, the solution to her problems is also the man she swore never to trust again.

Maclovis Andromeda has been working undercover with vampires for years, forced to leave behind everything and everyone he held dear. Mack wants nothing more than to show Disrayan that he is still the man she fell for, but until his assignment is complete, he can’t risk being outed, even if that means losing Disrayan all over again.

The personal and the professional collide in this epic tale of myth, politics, and legendary love.


Always ambitious, Tyr Greywulf fought his way to Pack Leader but his wolf demands more. The annual shifter gathering is his chance to solidify his Alpha status. Tyr could have any woman he wants but he has no time for mating games, until he meets Sequoia.
Sequoia Bainbridge is on the hunt for a mate. The gathering is the perfect place to start. Armed with a plan and a modest list of qualifications she sets out to find her perfect match. Tyr checks every box on Sequoia’s list except the most important. NO ALPHAs.

Azemar Divine spent her entire life living a lie. Thrown into the middle of a world she never knew she was part of, she needs a break from the chaos. A chance invitation to celebrate Mardi Gras in the only place she was ever truly happy is too good an offer to pass up.
Werepanther Louie Pantera thought he could leave Azemar alone. She was his true mate, but her family’s secret was one he couldn’t ignore. Now that her secret was out, he can’t deny fate’s call.
All they need is one night.


RAYA & OTTO’s Story

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