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Poetry Challenge Wrap Up

Wrapping up the Shut Up & Write! 10-Day Poetry Challenge

Shut Up & Write! Poetry Challenge Day 7

10-Day Poetry Challenge Day 7
Style: Villanelle

Preptober Day 10


Shut Up & Write! Poetry Challenge Day 1

Challenge Day 1
Introduce Yourself

Preptober Challenge Day 2

Why I write!

Stereo Goals Day 2

The second day in the studio I was just as nervous as the first. It took so much time to get so little done the first day that my self-imposed two-week deadline really put the pressure on. Thankfully it took a lot less time… Continue Reading “Stereo Goals Day 2”

Hometown Shout Out

While my brain is still on an inspiration hiatus I figured I’d spruce up my page with a little hometown shout out and shameless promotion of a local artist.  I may not live in Oakland anymore but I still say HELLA!!!!!! Crown Music Group:… Continue Reading “Hometown Shout Out”

Remembering Maya Angelou

Bad Sex Award

Bad Sex Award I usually don’t like to judge other’s writing so harshly but some of these scene’s really missed the mark.  There’s artistic license and then there is a complete lack of –well– just giving a f**k.  I’m sure this is what people… Continue Reading “Bad Sex Award”

Inspiration Struck Hard- Writing Dangerously

So I went on a free writing binge for over two days, typing almost non-stop from 9am till almost midnight.  This is a good thing, except it highlighted an issue I never would have thought about if it hadn’t happened to me.   Morning,… Continue Reading “Inspiration Struck Hard- Writing Dangerously”

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