NaNoWriMo Preptacular Announcement!!!!

Yes! I am participating in NaNoWriMo again this year. I had an amazing and fun experience last year and at the end of it all I had one of my best received novels 90% complete. If you are a writer in need of a good kick in the pants when it comes to productivity, NaNoWriMo just may be the experience for you.

This year I will be tackling Book 3 of my Secret of Ceres novel and paying a lot less attention to all the social media hubbub that comes along with my favorite writing month. It was a hard choice for me to say no to all the fun WriMo tags this year but a necessary one. I really want to focus on my writing and while on my NaNo page I have set the more realistic goal of 50K words, I am actually shooting for a full 70K this year. Before you ask, no. I do not plan on doing any pre writing. I have worked on a very loose outline because this book is part of a series, and an outline of some sort is necessary to ensuring I am on topic with the rest of the series.

So stay tuned in Creative Types! I will be updating you with my progress weekly, just like last time. Feel free to drop your NaNo updates in the comment section below! Peace, Love, and Happy Writing!
– Stella Williams

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