NaNoWriMo Survival Kit!

Survival Status Level 1


Since this is my first year participating in National Novel Writing Month, I have scoured the internet for advice from past participants on how to cope with this major undertaking. In my research, I stumbled upon numerous posts and blogs about Survival Kits. Things that would help to calm my nerves, provide pep talks on my low days, snacks to keep me energized on the long haul. So many interesting and fun ideas that it was enough to make me want a little bit of their magic for my own. Luckily I also came across an Instagram post from Second Star Books advertising the sale of their very own NaNoWriMo Survival Kit. Bonus it was also a mystery box. I am kind of a sucker for a good mystery. Want to know what was inside? You can watch my live unboxing HERE on my Facebook Page and follow along with me the month of November as I post about what I actually used, what I didn’t and how it all worked out for me.

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