NaNoWriMo Week 2 Wrap Up!

Two Weeks!

Yes, these are my real glasses!

It’s been two weeks of NaNoWriMo, and I wrote so furiously I didn’t realize my new found finger strength and broke my glasses. Holy Peer Pressure! I am a binge writer. If you’ve followed my blog posts about NaNo from the beginning you know I’ve put up some impressive numbers in the last 11 days. However, if you are not like me and actually have a life, you may not have broken 15K at this point.  I’m here to say that it’s completely okay. NaNoWriMo shouldn’t be about competing with other Authors. (Unless you thrive on competition with others) It’s about competing with yourself. Pushing your limits and seeing just how much you can accomplish in such a short period of time.

I’ve tried not to compare myself to others, but I will admit, every morning I check the NaNoWriMo website to see what numbers my WriMo Buddies have put up overnight. I find the highest number and do my best to best that word count by the end of the day. It has obviously been a winning strategy for me so far.  Honestly, this being my first year I thought I would be more stressed out about my word counts and struggling to get to the 50K by the end of the month. Maybe I’m just that excited.

In this process, I’ve made a ton of new writer friends. We chat on Discord, encourage each other on Instagram, meet in real life to write separately together. It’s been great. I’m even tempted to volunteer as a regional rep next year if my family allows. That brings me to my only real negative in this experience. I have definitely skimped on family time in my quest to reach NaNoWriMo success. I’ll definitely be slowing down now that I’ve gotten close to the finish line so early so that my family will actually remember who I am come Thanksgiving.

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