Shane’s Redemption: Maura’s Men Book 3


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A paperback copy of Shane’s Redemption, the final installment of Stella Williams’ Maura’s Men Trilogy.

After escaping the clutches of the evil vampiress Maura, three friends struggle with the past in finding a new way of life and love…

Shane needs help. His addiction is getting out of control. His friends are on the verge of putting him to ground. Then there is Molly, the love of his life. He’s spent years wallowing in guilt over her death only to find out she was brought back by Maura of all people. Shane is forced to make a choice. Will Shane continue to let his past destroy his future or find a new approach to winning Molly’s heart?

Molly no longer believes in happily ever after. Her time spent with Maura left her more determined than ever to live life on her own terms. Yet, her meddling friends and a vengeful ghost seem intent to force her back into Shane’s arms whether she is ready or not. According to prophecy, their love is key to destroying Maura once and for all. Will Molly find a way to reconcile her past before Maura’s plans destroy them all?

Xander claimed Cat. Claude conquered Gretchen. Can Shane find redemption in time for him and Molly to finally be Together Forever?


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