Review Guidelines

Are you an Author of Color? Do you write Paranormal Romance? Are you having trouble finding honest and affordable reviews? Well, you are in luck. Serpentine Creative Reads for free!

What You Get From Us*

  • Free Publicity
  • An honest review
  • Link to review to share with your audience

What We Need From You

  • ARC and/or link to your Paranormal Romance Work
  • One Link to your preferred Social Media or Author Page (Amazon, Facebook, IG, Twitter, Goodreads, etc…)
  • Cover Art (plain eBook cover no 3D mocks or fancy backgrounds)
  • Subscribe to our Youtube Channel, mailing list, and at least one of our social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Share your review link with your audience

Additional Information/Disclaimers

We do not charge a fee. We are doing this out of the goodness of our hearts and as such we request that all submitted work be $5 or less unless you provide an ARC copy. If your book is available through Amazon we will provide our own Amazon affiliate link to your work and author page.

We do not guarantee a positive review but will always provide an honest review. We will not remove any reviews from our site. If the review is not to your liking feel free not to share it.

*We maintain the right not to review. Not all books submitted will be our cup of tea, but we will at least add it to our special mentions during our To Be Read video for that month.

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