4th Qtr Update

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This year has been full of crazy ups and downs for me. I am sure I am not alone in that but it has taken a particularly harsh toll on my writing productivity. I need a moment to revamp my writing process and reconnect with the joy of just writing. That said, what was supposed to be a month or so break in the middle of this year has stretched out longer than I ever imagined. I am still on my mini-vacay from publishing and what I wrote in July is still true today with a few minor changes.

I know that might not sound so great for you my fantastic readers but I promise you that you won’t be disappointed when I make my publishing return next year. What does this Vacay entail?

  1. No new published work until earliest mid/late 2022 (Now looking at Apr for my next release)
    • previously published anthology titles may be released before that time
  2. Less social media
    • I’ll still be around just not posting as frequently
    • The best way to keep tabs on what I’m up to is my Newsletter, Discord, and this blog
    • Social media isn’t forever- I will be leaving/joining different Social media sites based on what works and feels best for me.
  3. Bigger & Better Books
    • My current publishing schedule isn’t working well for me and my creative flow. I need some time to figure out what works for me again in order to produce the best books possible for my readership and be able to publish them on a more realistic and consistent schedule.

This is not goodbye! This is just a tata for now!

I hope you all will stick with me as I make these much-needed changes. In the meantime, you can still binge read my published work!

Peace, Love & Happy Reading!

Stella Williams

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