The longest winter ever…

I don’t know about you but this January 2020 has felt like the longest month in existence. Everyday it seemed some new catastrophe or drama just sprung up out of nowhere. There has been death, disease, political turmoil, and natural disasters and there are still days left to go before this tragic month comes to an end.

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I know I sound pretty nihilist right now but I am bringing this all up to say that it’s times like these that spawn the best stories. When faced with hardship we as creatives are inspired to create beauty and light. So, yes, January 2020 has been a whole cluster but that just means we should all get to work in bringing the world back to rights through our art.

For me that looks like finishing the Secret of Ceres Series, creating fun and informative videos for the Serpentine Creative Youtube Channel, sharing the laugh out loud worthy memes on Facebook and Twitter, and filling your Instafeed with beautiful and creative content. These are not New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t believe in those. This is simply a wish list, a goals sheet, intention setting if you will.

Peace, Love, and Happy Writing!

Stella Williams

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