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Preptober Day 8

Writing Rituals

Ritual is often just another term for habits. I have plenty of habits both bad and good but when it comes to my writing I can’t really put my finger on anything specific. Most days I’m lucky to get a few moments here and there to sit in silence at the computer. I hate silence by the way. I much prefer to have music. Aha! I’ve found one ritual. I must have my trusty playlist ready to lull me into the perfect writing mood. When I do get ample time to prep for a writing session I usually know I’m going to be there for as long as I possibly can. I don’t want to waste precious time on anything other than a quick restroom trip so I prep my desk. Tea, water, snacking chocolate, and maybe a small bowl of chips. For all those computer people cringing about crumbs and oily keys, RELAX! I have several silicone keyboard covers to keep my laptop in keyboard in perfect working order. Of course, having my laptop up and running and a clutter-free workspace is a must as well. I guess I do have some pretty extensive writing rituals.

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Preptober Day 6

Tools of the Trade

There are so many ways of interpreting the prompt for today. Tools as in physical tools or mental tools. Learning tools or practical tools. I think I’m going to go with a more literal interpretation. My tools of the trade are my laptop and my glasses. Sure I could write by hand using pen and paper but I’ve become partial to the click-clack of my nails on the keyboard. My better half thinks I type loud but I say it’s just my passion for writing in audible form. My penmanship is almost as bad as my eyesight so my glasses are also key to my writing success.


Preptober Day 5


Biggest Distractions

Most people would say life but outside of my imagination, my life is pretty boring. My biggest distraction would have to be my love for binge-watching TV. When if I even turn on the TV before sitting down to my laptop I have a 90% chance of not getting any work done that day.

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Lost in Translation


I once dated a borderline sociopath (actually diagnosed, not just a hunch).  He refused to speak of romantic feelings in a normal way so after months of trying to get his attention the “normal way” I decided to try something different.  He was a Trekkie so I spent thirty minutes crafting how I felt for him using the plot line of Deanna Troi and William Riker. He responded by laughing and telling me that he was more Data than Riker.

In Respone to Daily Post: Third Rate Romance

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