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Stereo Goals

Whoever said, “writing is the easy part”… Well, I’ve said it a few times myself, but lately, I feel like it’s actually the hardest. So in order to keep my brain from shorting out with writer’s worry, I’ve decided to brush off a few projects I had sidelined in my quest to maintain my writing goals. Keeping up with my blog is one of them but also creating an audiobook for my already completed work. I will be documenting my DIY audio book journey in subsequent posts, thus checking both boxes on my “To Do” list.

There are a lot of things that go into creating an audio book that a novice like me hadn’t thought about. The cost of a producer and voice actor can be insane. Still, recording one with my laptop’s microphone and some random free software just wouldn’t be a very good product. Without any clue how to edit it properly my work wouldn’t be accepted on any major audio book site like Audible.com or Audiobooks.com.

So what exactly is needed to create a professional DIY audio book? Well, there is plenty of really good information readily available through google and audiophile blogs. Since I am an admitted Amazon junky; Audible’s Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) blog is where I got all my information. They did it so well I highly suggest browsing here.

The short version.

You will need:

1.) A quiet place to record
2.) A decent microphone
3.) Audio editing software like Pro Tools
4.) A reliable computer
5.) Lots of time and patience

New Book!


The Maura’s Men Series continues…

Claude’s Conquest 

Now available on Amazon in Print and eBook!!!!!

After escaping the clutches of the evil Vampiress Maura, three friends struggle with the past in finding a new way of life and love…

Claude is nobody’s hero, yet he finds himself saving yet another damsel in distress. He should have learned his lesson the first time. Cat had been a major thorn in his side but at least he hadn’t been unfortunate enough to be attracted to her. That had been Xander’s problem. Now he had a problem all his own. The charming and intelligent Gretchen threatens everything Claude has come to accept about himself.

Gretchen is not amused by Claude’s advances. His arrogance combined with the skeletons in her closet has Gretchen on the defensive. Dealing with Claude is merely a means to an end; she wants her independence as well as vengeance. If only her body would get on board.


Because I’m Happyyyyyyy!!!!!



Yes! I did it! I finished my first draft of Claude’s Conquest: Maura’s Men Book Two!!!! I’m so excited I’m doing a little dance as I type!  It’s the weekend so I’m going to enjoy this writers high a bit longer before the reality of the editing process sets in. I also have a cover reveal in the works so look out for that soon!!!! Hope everyone is having a good weekend as well!

A word of advice, never give up! Always finish what you start and when if in doubt check out this AWESOME POST by Jodie Llewellyn to lift your spirits

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and if you want to catch up on my world the first book of my Paranormal romance series Maura’s Men is available for HERE only 99Cents!!!

My First Book Trailer: Maura’s Men Series


Check out my Book Trailer Here! Maura’s Men Series.

Book trailers have been around for quite some time but for the self published it can be a pretty daunting task.  Not wanting to spend a whole lots on production, free alternatives like creating one on your own have started to gain traction.

I didn’t feel like mucking around with video software so I opted for a simple and free alternative, Animoto.  Not only do they have plenty of stock photos, video clips, and music but the end result is a pretty professional looking video clip up to 30 seconds long (need a paid subscription for longer videos).  Animoto is not the only site out there offering free video making, but I found it worked the best for me.


If you want to try a few out for yourself here is a detailed list from a fellow blogger. FREE VIDEO MAKERS


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fir0002 | flagstaffotos.com.au

I write romance, and although not all romance involves sex scenes, a fair amount do.  One thing that has always bothered me is the overuse, and sometimes misuse, of the word “wet” when describing female arousal. I know this isn’t elementary but let’s first define the word “wet”. According to dictionary.com (which is where I got all the definitions for this post); Wet means moistened, covered, or soaked with water or some other liquid. I guess you can say it’s the go-to word, the industry standard, but as writers it’s practically drilled into us to be more imaginative.  We are encouraged to bust out that thesaurus, and find a new way to describe things that will still hold the readers attention.   So here are a few thesaurus gems to replace “wet” and few stones better left unturned.

The Good

Aqueous: of, like, or containing water; watery: an aqueous solution.

Dewy: moist with or as if with dew; having the quality of dew: dewy tears.

Serous: resembling serumof a watery naturecontaining or secreting serum.

The Bad

Moist: moderately or slightly wet; damp. (For me personally, moist is only acceptable to describe the weather and baked goods)

Sopping: anything thoroughly soaked. (Brings to mind a Mop, or a biscuit.  Nothing sexy here for me.)

Dank: unpleasantly moist or humid; damp and, often, chilly. (As if the definition doesn’t say it all, yet I’ve seen it used)


Obviously, this is just my opinion and a very short list.  Feel free to add to either list in the comment section below.



Growing Pains of the Self-Pubbed


I love writing.  There is rarely a day that I don’t want to be in front of my computer or curled up with a notebook, crafting my own personal masterpiece.  What I didn’t expect was how much extra comes along with getting my work out there for others to read/enjoy.  My first novella only took me two months to get the first draft completed with basic edits and I was super stoked.  I raved about it to family and friends and immediately posted it on, the ever so easy, Kindle Direct Publishing. Big mistake, it went nowhere, there were lots of grammatical errors and I had issues with the sizing of my cover.

It took another two months just to fix the more glaring issues, and it was only then that I realized I still had to actually market my book. It wasn’t enough that I told family and friends.  I needed to build a social media presence, get involved on writing sites, and of course start a blog, not only to help build a following but to have another platform to promote my work.  All of this without being an annoying spammer.  It may only take one to write a compelling story but it literally takes a village to get that story going places.

Thankfully, I’m learning from my mistakes with the first novel, “Xander’s Claim” , and have a solid plan for the second.  It might be more work than I anticipated but no one said your dreams would come easy.


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