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Sidekick Shenanigans


My sidekick, if she ain’t napping she’s up to no good.  Leg stuck between the couch and the TV tray because she decided she wanted to get closer to the window.  Smh


NOTE: No animals were harmed in the making of this post just one sad stuck puppy

For the Blind and Blurry


In response to Daily Post: Photography Challenge

A bit of perspective that hangs above my desk.

Teen Age Idol

In response to Daily Post: Teen Age Idol

My teen age idol wasn’t a young pop star but an actress.  Gabrielle Union first caught my attention with her bit part in 10 Things I Hat About You.  She was the token black, a mean girl with only a few short scenes of her being a bitch.  Still I remember being excited to see she had a bigger role in the next film I saw her in, Bring It On.  I loved how feisty her character was, the Black girl from the inner city standing up for the right to cheer in the big leagues.  Officially in love, I hopped on the internet and searched out her entire filmography.  Gabrielle Union is one of those actresses who isn’t afraid to take risks, from the overtly sexual man-stealer in Two Can Play That Game to the self hating nutcase in Neo Ned, she’s covered a lot of acting ground.  What makes her even more admirable?  She stays out of the tabloids, no sex tapes or scandals from this classy lady.  That’s why even as an adult I still consider her my idol.



My First Book Trailer: Maura’s Men Series


Check out my Book Trailer Here! Maura’s Men Series.

Book trailers have been around for quite some time but for the self published it can be a pretty daunting task.  Not wanting to spend a whole lots on production, free alternatives like creating one on your own have started to gain traction.

I didn’t feel like mucking around with video software so I opted for a simple and free alternative, Animoto.  Not only do they have plenty of stock photos, video clips, and music but the end result is a pretty professional looking video clip up to 30 seconds long (need a paid subscription for longer videos).  Animoto is not the only site out there offering free video making, but I found it worked the best for me.


If you want to try a few out for yourself here is a detailed list from a fellow blogger. FREE VIDEO MAKERS


 PURCHASE Xander’s Claim: Maura’s Men Book One HERE

Bad Sex Award

Bad Sex Award

I usually don’t like to judge other’s writing so harshly but some of these scene’s really missed the mark.  There’s artistic license and then there is a complete lack of –well– just giving a f**k.  I’m sure this is what people mean by really trimming the fat in writing.  For most of the scenes, if they weren’t a necessary part of the plot, I would have hacked them quick.

Be a Perpetual Tourist!!!

Why do you ask? Being a “tourist” means you can get away with doing things that wouldn’t normally be acceptable.  See a fountain you would love to climb all over? A funny statue or cool mural you want in pictures? I say go for it!  Forget what other people think of you and have fun but don’t do anything illegal. As a writer, having this kind of attitude has helped me gain a plethora of experiences to draw on for scene setting and character development. Here are a few shots of times I’ve played “tourist.”

Be a Perpetual Tourist!!!
Farmer’s Market Monkey
Gas Station Art
Gas Station Art
Skelephant Statue
A part of the Moment
Tired from sightseeing
Tired from sightseeing
Frame yourself
Yummy, ice cream!!
Try navigating your city using a map instead of your phone.
Winter 2010-springbreak 023
Had to stop anyway, why not have some fun?
This picture was taken when Planking was a thing.

No Shade for my Sidekick

No Shade for my Sidekick

Enjoying the Sunny Saturday

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