Motivational Slump

This post has been a long time coming at least in the blogosphere (I'm pretty sure that's a word but my spell check says otherwise). I've been really MIA on posting for the past two months. I can say it is all a combination of being super motivated to get Claude's Conquest ready for publishing … Continue reading Motivational Slump

Because I’m Happyyyyyyy!!!!!

  Yes! I did it! I finished my first draft of Claude's Conquest: Maura's Men Book Two!!!! I'm so excited I'm doing a little dance as I type! ┬áIt's the weekend so I'm going to enjoy this writers high a bit longer before the reality of the editing process sets in. I also have a … Continue reading Because I’m Happyyyyyyy!!!!!

Sidekick Shenanigans

My sidekick, if she ain't napping she's up to no good.  Leg stuck between the couch and the TV tray because she decided she wanted to get closer to the window.  Smh NOTE: No animals were harmed in the making of this post just one sad stuck puppy

GianRaul’s Stem Cell Fund

GianRaul's Stem Cell FundThis fund will be used to help get 2 year old GianRaul 2nd round of Stem Cell Therapy. GianRaul Moreno Olivo (GMO) sustained a Brain Injury at Birth. Doctors were not able to find his heart beat until 15 minutes after birth and it was not until 30 mins after delivery did … Continue reading GianRaul’s Stem Cell Fund

Sidekick Shenanigans

My sidekick loves to hangout while I'm typing away but today she got caught napping in the wrong place. #puppyproblems


When I tell people I write for fun they always think that means I have good handwriting.  In reality it's the complete opposite, the more I write the worse my penmanship gets.  My brain is crafting sentences faster then my hands can write. My letters become miniscule, words become smudged and smooshed together, and page … Continue reading Handwritten

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