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Shut Up & Write! Poetry Challenge Day 9


Shut Up & Write! Poetry Challenge Day 5


Preptober Day 9

Where You Write

In a perfect world, I do all my writing at my writing desk. In the real world, I often end up writing on my couch so I can keep an eye on my troublesome sidekick. Since joining my local Shut Up & Write! Meet up. I have found that writing at bars and brewpubs might just be more productive than either of those two options. Not a daily thing to do but the once weekly meetings have become my most productive writing sessions.


Preptober Week 1 Check-In

Check Me Out!

One week of Preptober complete and there is not much to report. I created an outline in Scrivener using the notecards function. I haven’t actually outlined anything. Just put in placeholders based on a simple breakdown of 50K words and marked them to do. I tested out Notebook.ai for the world building aspect but not sure its a good fit for me. Too many ways for me to lose precious work by forgetting to save before jumping to the next page. On a more positive note, I haven’t pre-written a single scene so far even with the characters in my head screaming to be written for. I’ve also opted to join in on the Shut Up & Write 10-Day Poetry Challenge to keep me from getting distracted by other novel fodder. Tis the season of challenges! Keep a lookout for my Poetry challenge posts as well as more Preptober fun!

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Shut Up & Write! Poetry Challenge Day 1


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