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Social Distancing & The Writer Wk2 Update

I honestly have lost all track of time. I don’t know if its been two or three weeks of social distancing/ staying my butt at home. Have I really been staying home as much as I should? Have I accomplished anything of importance during… Continue Reading “Social Distancing & The Writer Wk2 Update”

Social Distancing & The Writer

We are living in crazy times. I am almost nostalgic for the social catastrophes of 2019 at this point. At least then it was the same old BS and not a global pandemic causing people to lose their ever loving minds. The nihilists of… Continue Reading “Social Distancing & The Writer”

The Write Software: Editing

Editing software is discussed in this edition of The Write Software

The Write Software: Writing

A guide to writing focusing on word processing software.

Book Swap!

I participated in a book swap! See what I got!

Preptober Day 19

My favorite word

Shut Up & Write! Poetry Challenge Day 10

Shut Up & Write 10-Day Poetry Challenge Day 10
Style: Pantoum based on Day 9’s Quatrain

Preptober Day 12

Writing Books Shelfie

NaNoWrimo Here I Come!

Preptober Challenge Accepted

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