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The Write Process 2021: Outlines

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The Write Process is a blog series by USA Today Bestselling Author Stella WIlliams to provide informationa dninspiration to fellow authors.

The Write Process 2021: Ideology

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Get the Write Idea!

The Write Publishing: Self-Pub Platforms

Now that you have your marketing strategy and time management down. It’s time to talk actual publishing of your work. If you have followed along with The Write Process Series you should already have a good idea of what formats you would like to… Continue Reading “The Write Publishing: Self-Pub Platforms”

The Write Publishing: Traditional

I am not a traditionally published author. I have never sought out to be a traditionally published author. It has honestly not been something I’ve taken into serious consideration, but if you plan to publish at all its good to take stock of all… Continue Reading “The Write Publishing: Traditional”

The Write Process: Formatting

Formatting your novel for traditional and self publishing

The Write Process: Editors

Professional editors: What to look for and how to find the them.

The Write Process: Alphas and Betas

What are Alpha and Beta Readers and where to find them.

The Write Process: 1st Edit

It’s Editing Time!

The Write Process: Outlining

I am not going to get into the Plotter or Pantser debate in this post. I am simply going to provide my opinion on outlining in the process of writing. Now that you have an Idea of what you want to write, it’s time… Continue Reading “The Write Process: Outlining”

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