The Write Software: Writing

A guide to writing focusing on word processing software.

The Write Publishing: ISBNs

You may have seen a lot of this information floating around the interwebs but I've decided to put all of my knowledge and experience with ISBN's here in an attempt to uncomplicate and facilitate new authors starting out. Do you need an ISBN? The short answer is YES! Where do you get ISBNs? Some publishing … Continue reading The Write Publishing: ISBNs

The Write Publishing: Traditional vs Self Publishing

Traditional or Self Publishing: Which one is right for you.

The Write Process: Formatting

Formatting your novel for traditional and self publishing

The Write Process: Alphas and Betas

What are Alpha and Beta Readers and where to find them.

AuthorTalk Videos

Author Talk Is On YouTube! Short form videos to accompany the related blog posts below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2CmEt77kbY&list=PLKQLdjykkRTWUymKzAT08t8IK7ZY6xwB3

The Write Process: 1st Edit

It's Editing Time!

The Write Process: First Draft

Rules for Writing your First Draft!

The Write Process: Outlining

I am not going to get into the Plotter or Pantser debate in this post. I am simply going to provide my opinion on outlining in the process of writing. Now that you have an Idea of what you want to write, it's time to get those ideas organized. How you organize them, like everything … Continue reading The Write Process: Outlining

The Write Process: Ideology

The write process begins with an idea.

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