Social Distancing & The Writer

We are living in crazy times. I am almost nostalgic for the social catastrophes of 2019 at this point. At least then it was the same old BS and not a global pandemic causing people to lose their ever loving minds. The nihilists of the world are all sitting back with smug ‘i told you so’ smiles. I am an author by trade. I spend long hours alone in my office tapping away on my keyboard. The majority of my socialization is over the internet.

I honestly can’t relate to those who have no idea how to just stay home for a few weeks. I also can’t relate to the people who are selfishly stockpiling supplies like it’s the end of the world with no regard to their neighbors. So here is my attempt at explaining a few things about social distancing from someone who is a natural distancer.

*Disclaimer: I am not a scientist or health professional this is a summary of how I have interpreted facts about COVID-19 and what changes I have made in my life because of it.


What is social distancing?

Basically staying as far away from other people and crowds as possible.

Why is it important?

The further away people are the less chance of human to human infection. Which not only slows the spread of the virus but allows scientists more time to produce a vaccine.

How am I coping?

Like I have stated above, the majority of my work I do from home in front of a computer. My volunteering exposes me to less than 10 people a week. So for social distancing the areas I have to worry about is grocery shopping and going to bars with my writers group.

How do I solve my distancing hot spots?

  • online grocery shopping for curbside pickup or delivery
  • hosting the writers group virtually through Discord, Facebook, or YouTube
  • Postponing/minimizing my volunteering

What’s my entertainment plan?

I am a homebody so I am already stocked up on things to do at home. Also keep in mind that Social Distancing does not mean that you can’t enjoy time outdoors.

  • Streaming TV and Movies
  • Board & Video games
  • Art & Crafts (painting, crocheting, sewing)
  • Literary Pursuits ( Reading & Writing)
  • Physical activity (playing catch with the kids, fetch with the dog, yoga, body weight only exercise circuit)

What I am basically trying to say is that Social Distancing isn’t hard. I’m not saying that it doesn’t have some detrimental economic consequences but those of us who have the privilege not to worry about the financial impact shouldn’t be complaining. Social distancing is the easy part. It could be so much worse and the whole point is to not let it get any worse. Staying home and not depleting resources in a panic is the least we can do for the greater good.

My Message to Fellow Writers

Please, for the love of all things literary DO NOT throw together COVID-19 stories to capitalize on this very serious global event. I’m not saying don’t write these stories if it helps you cope with the fear and anxiety. I am all for writing as therapy but it is an entirely different thing to monetize the fear and anxiety of others. Don’t be like those shady dealers selling dollar store sanitizer for insane mark ups.

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